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It has been my observation over many years, of a number of persons,
that unwavering loyalty and obedience to a true Guru has resulted in 
the most creative and successful of persons. Persons whose service
to others has been outstanding. These are persons that through such
Spiritual training with SRF have found freedom and transformation
 in the most positive 
degree. Surrender brings true freedom!
It helps when one understands this whole process accurately.
Blind loyalty to anything is not the same.
And I have seen so many persons whose
 prevented such cooperation with the teacher and
usually ended up in either drifting away
or failing to get the results they should have.
The organization cannot compensate for false expectations
and wrong motives, for lack of effort and study......PYislove

Here is a letter before DJW was  trying to create his own path;
"It is our policy to permit only ordained ministers
 to give the Kriya Yoga initiation.
Master said that after his passing he wanted only --
-SRF renunciates to be ordained as ministers,
 and at that only after a minimum of seven years
in one of our colonies[ashrams]..."

                                                signed - D Walters, 1957

   This note is  indicative of some of the changes Yogananda had made 
and/or requested for the Autobiography chapter on Kriya Yoga......
 In fact, Yogananda also 
told SRF leadership to annually approve those qualified to teach give Kriya initiations.
      The 49th chapter of A/Y very strongly emphasizes the importance of Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS, and it was written by Yogananda Himself !

For those looking for a "living Guru"the first thing to understand is that a teacher in a live body may seldom be "a spiritually living Guru." and cannot lead you to the Reality. 

A charismatic spiritually dead teacher cannot take you to the divine no matter how impressed you are about him/her. The first problem is - few persons can really tell the difference, can actually identify a living Guru/savior/Prophet.  However, once a great soul achieves true Self- Realization  /salvation/ full awareness of the Reality/Brahman, in this superconscious omniscience, there is no more dying then, and no more necessity of reincarnating in form. Having a physical body to work through is no longer a necessity. This is how the "great ones", true living Masters work with us even after their demise. Then one is the true teacher, Guru, a Living Prophet in or out of a body. History is plentiful with the evidence of this fact! This is why, even with such mastery over life and death they usually do not hang around with the physical body.  To stay in the Relative, unreal, material world would be counter productive & misleading others about where salvation truly lies. It simply is beyond the physical world of relativity, the surface world severely limited by the narrow range of sensory experiences.So, Devotee - what do you really want, a true Guru or a position?What do you want - someone to lead you or baby sit you?
The overwhelming evidence is, is that Paramahansa Yogananda is still a "living Guru" now, just as He was when wandering around in the body.
I, and many, many others see his hand working in our lives,
 helping us on the path to freedom 
I, and many, many others see his hand working in our lives,  helping us on the path to freedom via the Self-realization Fellowship/YSS wisdom teachings.

One of the clearest declarations made by Paramahansa Yogananda was that in this tradition of Kriya Yoga there would never be another successor guru to shape this holy Kriya yoga path of SRF/YSS.
There may be other teachers of Yoga & few 
are truly spiritually advanced, but we already have six "living Gurus" to choose from. What more do you need?
 If you insist on finding a guru in a body [as many do] you may end up looking in all the wrong places. Many wolves await you in the world of spiritual teachers!

Paramahansa Yogananda's promise to all SRF/YSS
Devotees who are in tune with Him through this great SRF work.

""God has sent you to me, and I shall never fail you... "Even when I am gone my help will always be given to devotees all over the world, if they keep in tune. Never think for a moment that when I am physically absent from you all, I am not otherwise with you. I shall be just as deeply concerned for your spiritual welfare when I am no longer in the body as I am now. I shall always be watching over each one of you, and whenever a true devotee thinks of me in the silent depths of his soul, he will know that I am near." 

Paramahansa Yogananda, quoted in the SRF calender, August, 1993. 

Yogananda once said to the Monastics;
"The spiritual path is like a razor's edge," our guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, used to tell us. If we want to know God, we have to endeavor to the best of our ability every day, every moment even, to focus on the straight and narrow path before us, avoiding those mistakes caused by our mortal consciousness. We have to transform that consciousness which makes us behave like petty human beings, and remember that we are made in God's image. It takes deliberate effort not to be diverted from that razor-edged path, because in this world it is considered perfectly normal to be quarrelsome and argumentative, to be critical of others, to gossip -- to indulge in all kinds of wrong behavior that springs from human nature, not form our divine nature. But one who misbehaves will never, never know peace of mind, let alone achieve God-consciousness. " - Sri Daya Mata, Self-Realization Magazine, Summer 2008

Because Kriya Yoga [ and other Yogas] have become such a hot item in the world of spirituality since Yogananda came to the West
almost a hundred years ago, so many want to get in on the act
 and start their own Kriya schools. This of course is a natural occurrance is not unusual as human egos are always trying to prove themselves.  Or it may also be an expression of our human individuality. Many are the motives and private agendas behind the desires of  those who start new religious movements.
Seeker beware!
Why is the teaching of Kriya Yoga so sought after by serious devotees of Reality? Because is has proven itself so powerfully effective in transforming human lives for the better.
For showing us how to contact God before death of the body and enrich our lives in the process with growing devotion and grace.

For its self-transformative blessings and life enrichments.
Paramahansa Yogananda was followed by many later teachers 
and promoters of the Mystical Kriya Yoga spiritual techniques used to enhance human evolution and spiritual awareness.
I am posting these notes for the benefit of those who wish to
follow the teachings and wisdom inspiration of Paramahansa
Yogananda in particular. It is a core part of Yogananda's
teaching for devotees to loyally work through and support Babaji's spiritual 
path of Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS.
Yogananda created only one organization to further and represent his spiritual legacy in this world. That society is 
the Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS alone. The leaders of SRF/YSS has so far been impeccable inspirations. 
I am not judging what the purposes of others are. Other claims to the contrary can be false and misleading and promoted to suit the agendas and false rationalizations of others. The master said that He emphatically did not allow any successor "Gurus" in his lineage to take His place after his demise. Because this leaves new and green devotees at the risk of deception by the many lesser teachers we find in the field of religion. Ambitious persons who want power over others and are impressive talkers/writers - but have little or no God-Realization. Beware of them!
Most world class prophets have made similar declarations of "lineage closure" to protect devotees from being misled by false spiritual teachers who inevitably pop up and would love to steal the show after the great work has been launched by an Avatar.
 In this copy-cat world there are so many half baked wannabees, so many who want to copy PY's acclaimed successes.
No organization is perfect, but I feel that SRF/YSS has avoided many of the flaws of orgs in the past that only sought power and control over others. They lacked the spiritual understanding that was intended by their illustrious founders. SRF has continued to grow the masters spiritual community with integrity and love, and
His great spiritual ideals are very much alive thanks to the 
selfless works of so many loyal monastics and devotees.

For those who are attracted to Paramahansa Yogananda
and His divine legacy as their spiritual path, SRF/YSS is
the very best way to go, and according to the notes below was
intended by Yogananda as the only loyal and most productive
way to go via the"SRF" lessons, guidance, and publications
of His works. Loyalty to the Master and His organization
[His cause] is an 
important element in this whole Guru devotee process/relationship. And it comes with a real Param para!
many spiritual blessings can follow throughout your life...

Below is a set of posts derived from the SRF devotees
forum at web site. March 2011
One will find even more support for these ideas below
by reading more of Yogananda's writings, where
He repeats this theme in over a hundred places. Other persons

have published biographies and books about Yogananda
and their claimed experiences with Him, some of these
authors have put Yogananda's name on their books as
being the actual author of such works. This is not always
true and new devotees should be wary of those
who would misuse the masters name on their publications. 
Namaste ..............PYislove

SRF and Yogananda are clearly one...
Contrasting all that Yogananda and SRF/YSS says about this subject, are the talks and writings of other lesser teachers who have agendas of their own. Not agendas of their devotees mind you ,just agendas for their own personal desires and organizational ambitions. In order to fulfill those ambitions they have been attempting to change and distort some of Yogananda's work with endless rationalizations of their own. 
That is why they keep saying things like, "Master could not have meant that His work should be controlled from SRF mother center!" or, 'Master told me privately ", etc etc...
Master said that" I had a great work to do".
Yes - that great work was to change yourself, and this is where you have thus far disappointed Him, by your 
30+years of ill behavior, and your childish attacks on SRF/YSS and its rightfully appointed leaders[appointed by Yogananda].
Who does one believe? well simply much of what you read on this page are statements of Yogananda Himself - how does it all tally with what your teacher is saying? What are the ethics of your teacher? What is his record ?

PY is love Wednesday, August-24-2011

Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS is Yogananda's Spiritual community.

Why did the Master Yogi create Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS?
About Yogananda and organizations, I did not like orgs until I found Yogananda and SRF. When I found over over one hundred places in His writings where He says that devotees will gain the most through Self-Realization Fellowship and the lesson course this changed my attitude about orgs. SRF/YSS is Yogananda's family and spiritual community/colony.
None other is needed or required. Be careful of those who think they know better than the Guru while telling you they work for him alone?
Self-Realization fellowship was a wonderful turning point in my life that has 
blessed me in many ways as my true path. 
Finally, Yogananda's final pronouncement on how He felt about his SRF/YSS org is summarized on page 410 in the "Autobiography of a Yogi." as follows; (c) x SRF publishers LA USA.[ orange cover editions are the most accurate and complete,
and published according to the final wishes of Yogananda. The 49th chapter is by PY and is entirely missing from the earliest editions]
"The founding in the West of the Self-Realization Fellowship organization, a "hive of spiritual honey" was a duty enjoined on me by Mahavatar Babaji. The fulfillment of the sacred trust has not been devoid of difficulties.
"Tell me truly Paramahansaji, has it been worth it?"That laconic question was put to me one evening by Dr. Lloyd Kennel,a leader of the temple in San Diego. I understood him to mean have you been happy in America,? What about all the falsehoods circulated by misguided people who are anxious to prevent the spread of Yoga? What about the disillusionments, the heartaches, the center leaders who could not lead, the students who could not be taught?"
"......................"I thought then of all the faithful ones, of the love, devotion, and understanding that illumines the heart of America. With slow emphasis I went on,"But my answer is
Yes, a thousand times Yes! It has been worthwhile, more than I ever dreamed, to see East and West brought closer in the only lasting bond, the spiritual." end

March ...2011

on - One devotee comments....?

"Show me one place in the AY where Master, during his own sadhana, talked about the importance of organized religion or a Church. It was never about that." [Read the above from AY]

Various replies;are given  >>>>>>>>

Posted 09 March 2011 - 01:01 PM
Stargazer, on 09 March 2011 - 09:13 AM, said:
LB, I have Second edition 2005, and 2nd of May is dfferent!
1st of May Master talks about total loyalty to God, but also how God has tied him to the work of SRF.
3rd of May: "In the spiritually receptive, loyalty to the guru rises spontaneously....".
7th May: "Falter no more....Follow the truth that God has sent through Self-Realization Fellowship and you shall be forever blessed.

Master said all those things. Stargz.

Little bird says;

Interesting! The quote I posted was from Master, too (most in the SDiary are, but some not, and realized I didn't specifically say before).

I had these saved on my computer about the role of the organization. I love these quotes, as I feel such joy, not only in having our Guru, but also in being a part of the organization that was part of the plan of God and all our Gurus, and Master's mission to establish it. And most of all knowing that leadership at the top will always be Self-realized, that Babaji already knows who they are. :sparkle:

This is an excerpt from an interview with Sri Daya Mata by Saurabb Bhattacharya for "Life Positive," a magazine in India, that was in the SRF Magazine, Fall 1999:

Some people claiming their ancestry to Sri Yukteswar and Lahiri Mahasaya are teaching Kriya Yoga in the West. Please comment.

Daya Mata replies; "Receiving Kriya Yoga is more than obtaining a set of instructions; it means forming a sacred bond between one's soul and the guru sent by God to lead one back to Him-- for it is when practiced within the auspices of that holy relationship that Kriya can fully impart its blessings. And a person's choice of guru is a completely individual matter between that devotee and God; it is not for anyone else to comment on. What we tell people is that if they wish to enter the guru-disciple relationship with Paramahansa Yogananda, then the YSS/SRF teaching is the way to do so. He promised that he and his paramgurus would guide and guard the spiritual progress of all who receive Kriya initiation through the society he himself established for this purpose, if they keep in tune through faithful practice of the teachings."

Also; from the Fall, 1999 SRF Magazine:

An excerpt from "A Life of Consecration, " by Mrinalini Mata:

"...So often we have remembered the words Master spoke many years ago to those of us who had come to dedicate our lives as monastics: 'When I have left this body, the organization will be my body, and you all will be my hands and feet, my speech.' What a blessed opportunity, what a tremendously freeing experience is this life of consecration. Each one who wholeheartedly embraces it becomes like a glowing atom of Master's being; each makes a necessary contribution to the whole, through which Gurudeva's organization can continue to reach out in his spirit of love divine."

Btw, I believe this is also true for householders (being part of Master's 'body'), but to a much lesser extent as far as leadership and decision making in the organization goes.

LB posts further;

Arvind, the question Daya Maji was asked had to do with people "claiming their ancestry to Sri Yukteswar and Lahiri Mahasaya teaching Kriya Yoga in the West." This question doesn't include Master, but other lineages from Sri Y or LMji (which began in India).

As far as people breaking away from SRF to form their own organization, Daya Ma is saying that those who truly want to follow Master and get kriya through him must do it through SRF for it to be authentic, so to speak.

This is from Brother Anandamoy (Mrinalini Mata has also said the same thing):

"So we have to very carefully watch that it is not the rationalizations of the ego because rationalizations of the ego cannot change spiritual law."

I'll give you another example. One time Daya Mataji told us that story, she said she and some other monastics were with Master and they were discussing a monk who was no longer with the organization, and he was still giving, teaching the techniques. And he asked Master about it, can he do it? Master emphatically said, "God and Babaji ordained me to establish this organization, and this is the organization through which they work to spread the teachings. There is none other." And then one of the monastics said, "But sir, he's still giving kriya. Is it the same?" Master said, "It is not the same. The ties are broken."

That is serious business. You cannot rationalize the ego. We have to ask sincerely, are we working with the law, divine law, or against it. Rationalizations of the ego cannot change Divine Law. If a person goes against the instructions of the Master, the Guru, that's heavy karma" 
Bro. Anandamoy, Understanding Karma

posted by pyislove March 13 2011

Thanks so much LB , you have done a great job on clarifying the
importance of SRF and masters purpose and connection with it for
all devotees who really want to understand His teachings and Sadhana.
The best connection one can make with SRF gurus is the SRF.
Not the only way for some, but the surest way for those who
will love and support this great work.

Before Master introduced Himself to me and even till a while later
I distrusted organizations/churches. But because He created SRF
I felt that this must be the way He wants for us- and so it is.
From my reading of world religious history, it would be difficult
to find another organization that has so closely maintained the
teaching of the founder/prophet as SRF/YSS has done.
None in this world 
may be perfect, but SRF's record so far is exceptional.
It took me years to fully understand the importance of having an
organization for this work, something that is untypical of Yogis.
Here is where Yogananda is working "out of the box."
On page 410 of Autobiography of a Yogi Yogananda says that
creating the SRF/YSS was a very worthwhile thing,
"Yes, He says, a thousand times Yes" he replied.
 As He saw it as a great spiritual fellowship to bring East and West together.
Politics has failed us.

In fact; a serious point to be mentioned here as I see it, is that it is  other non-SRF/YSS groups and paths that are primarily distorting and misrepresenting some of Yogananda's teachings. This is done by various rationalizations by some. There are some in fact that do not even mention His name, even though He was the origin of their leaders guruship.

And for many out there that say such and such is more important than the organization, even most those persons are deeply involved in supporting/creating their own organizations.
Enough of this Hypocrisy!

Getting back to the subject of this thread - it is this organization
working through families that will show youth a better way to
approach the spiritual.

namaste, PYislove

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