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 of the Guru-disciple link connections for devotees of the Kriya masters through Self-Realization Fellowship / Yogoda Sat Sangha. What did the Master say about this?
Yogananda's tradition has no guru successors outside of SRF/YSS!
This non-succession is by the Master's direct order!

What really is the True Kriya Yoga ?
You can read all about it in SRF editions of the
"Autobiography of a Yogi"

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                       Wisdom Quotes of
     Paramahansa Yogananda's Legacy

                      Wisdom of Paramahansa Yogananda 1

" Do not be bound by this earth. 
This is just a place where for
a time you are to act your part.
Do not give undue importance to it.

Balance material and spiritual duties in your life;
that will bring you supreme happiness. 
Be ambitious for God,
which will help you to play your part well. 

God would not have given you a brain
 if He didn't want you to think and reason.

 He would not have given you a will
if He didn't expect you to use it.

But while you perform your dutiful actions,
do not create new desires. 

Become a perfect actor,
seeking just to do God's bidding. 

Only in perfecting your portrayal
in God's drama 
do you earn the right
to retire to your Divine Home."

In a letter to Rajarsi Janakananda from Yogananda, September 19, 1935;
" To be known by God is everything. 
Like Buddha who gave up everything, 
live only for God, Self-Realization Fellowship,
and Guru's work,
and you will attain everlastingness in heaven."

 Autobiography of a Yogi 1988 edition    
Read this chapter on Kriya Yoga. 
This chapter from the latest editions is published
exactly the way Yogananda wanted it to be, [and so the rest of this book].
This fact is further verified by other notes below.

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