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 In a letter to Rajarsi Janakananda from Yogananda, September 19, 1935;
" To be known by God is everything. 
Like Buddha who gave up everything, 
live only for God, Self-Realization Fellowship, and Guru's work,
and you will attain everlastingness in heaven."

"Prophetic  Closure;" the key statements for the ending of lineages by  world class true prophets to protect all future devotees, is a living prophets prerogative. Ending of succession is not a statement of  exclusivism, it is a purely protective measure.
"Prophetic closure" does not mean that there will
be no one else to carry on the saviors work. It simply means that others should not attempt to imply that such a living prophet can no longer guide and bless the lives of sincerely attuned devotees to their ultimate evolutionary goal. It also means that others claiming to be said prophet or Gurus in that lineage may be false [or lower level teachers]. "You will know them by their fruits"
The goal of Self-realization = God Realization!

As an example; in the gospel of  Mathew ch 16;
we read; "3When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? 14And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets. 15He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? 16And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. 17And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. 18And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter[Petros], and upon this rock[the rock of "son of the living God = ie "christ Consciousness"] I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. 19And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. 20Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ."
I feel this has been greatly misunderstood by many in the churches for a long time. The truly significant "Rock" that  Jesus says will prevail against gates of hell is not Peter [small stone]
but the great all encompassing rock of "Christ Consciousness", the "son of the living God" which found expression through Jesus, Krishna, and others. That is the true "Rock" that will prevail forever. I find  it interesting that just after the quote Jesus says that Satan is speaking through Peter!
The interpretation of that chapter in Matthew needs great deal of reassessment!

The term "living Prophet" does not necessarily
refer to a god-realized master in a physical body, even though some do have such bodies. In or out of corporeal form it means they have evolved beyond the limited consciousness of isolation in the sensory world and can therefore work with or without the body as we know it. 
They are the ones who have penetrated the core of reality and are one with reality -God. They therefore continue to work in all worlds from that omnipresent cosmic consciousness. It is beyond the psychic.

A "   Living prophet" is not a person who is appointed or elected to a prominent position in some institution, although there have been rare instances of such leaders being realized souls.

There may be any number of other great teachers and /or new saviors over time. But no true living prophet of the past becomes invalid after the body's demise. Nor is he replaced by new genuine saviors in other cultures.  Closure declarations should serve as a great caution to seekers not to be caught up with false spiritual teachers. '
" You will know them by their fruits."

Paramahansa Yogananda made it clear that no other Gurus would be needed to succeed Him in this Kriya tradition. To dwell on such an idea that you may be a succeeding guru in his lineage is a denial of the fact that Yogananda and other members uplineage are living prophets. The evidence does not support the claims of present and future wannabe gurus in this tradition who are seeking spiritual celeb exclusive status. Beware of them!

Note; this term "prophetic closure" ,
and associated concepts,  are copyrighted terms and were coined/originated by the author of this web site in the year 2000. If you  find what you read here unpalatable,  just study these ideas for a while, while deprogramming yourself - then tell me what you think! It will all help you to understand why "only one way " is a dying myth. A couple of years research goes by quickly! Remember! The same people taught you that the earth is only about 6,000 years old. 
Time proves many things........July 23, 2005
To Read more on this subject,
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Paramahansa Yogananda Says;

"Those who have come to Self-Realization[-fellowship] truly seeking inward spiritual help shall receive what they seek from God. Whether they come while I am in the body, or afterward, the power of God through the link of the SRF/YSS Gurus shall flow into the devotee just the same, and shall be the cause of their salvation."
Paramahansa Yogananda, quoted in a letter to a Self-Realization Fellowship student, August, 1994. (c)SRF Publishing LA USA 

"God has sent you to me, and I shall never fail you...Even when I am gone my help will always be given to devotees all over the world, if they keep in tune. Never think for a moment that when I am physically absent from you all, I am not otherwise with you. I shall be just deeply concerned for your spiritual welfare when I am no longer in the body as I am now. I shall always be watching over each one of you, and whenever a true devotee thinks of me in the silent depths of his soul, he will know that I am near."
Paramahansa Yogananda, quoted in the SRF calender, August, 1993. SRF Publishers LA USA.

 Note; For those who doubt the above statements, let me assure you the the history of the truth of the above is  proven by many great testimonials from ordinary folks and even saints of this world. Also - if one takes a couple of years to examine the life and works of PY as published by SRF/YSS, they will see why this theme was spoken of by Him so many times.

        The true Guru is a "living prophet," who at times takes on the role of Avatar, a great savior of mankind who takes on a vast global public role, and will continue to assist and bless all sincere devotees just the same after the death of the body. Attune to him only.  Many want to be teachers, but they may never rank as True Gurus.

" Prophetic Closure" is not needed or usually practiced in your average little ashram as such places seldom involve a global divine dispensation which is intended to become a major world faith as in SRF. In those cases such succession is simply a normal tradition carried on through a single chief disciple. In the various great saints that sometimes come out of India's Holy ashrams, Each generation will only have one "Chief disciple " as the official gurus successor. 

Viewing the vast differences between ancient
 times and todays world of information streams
 including many sacred books, it now becomes possible for sincere seekers to dissolve their culturally  programmed myths of darker times established by controlling ambitious overeducated leaders. A true Spiritual Master is far more than your expert with degrees after ones name. Such a Guru has penetrated to the heart of  Reality-God and is one with "that" absolute source of wisdom and love. He/she is that
"Kristos", that "Kutustha", that "Christ" spoken of in many or the worlds great scriptures over eons of time. There are many living prophets who can take one to salvation/moksha. But only if the believers in those traditions can see beyond "popular programmed dogmas". 

Many great world prophets/Avatars have used very unique 
and often misunderstood comments in an attempt to restrict the 
reckless activities of false unrealized religious leaders,
teachers, clergy, and missionaries who often attempt to highjack
the prophets work without delay soon after his departure.
Such egocentric ambitious persons do great 
harm to naive, trusting devotees and the faithful who are seldom in a
position to distinguish between the real and the unreal.

Because persons in authority are dealing with those desiring
the crutch of certainty who are the vulnerable ones, such leaders are in fact psychologically and spiritually abusing others.
They also do considerable harm to the name of true faith.
 It so often happens that some of these persons who arise to 
prominence after the Prophet leaves the earthly scene are 
very influential and charismatic, but being unrealized and worse, they mislead devotees and seek power and fame only for themselves and the desire to build an organization which they hope will boost the size of their ego.
 They care little for the welfare of each devotee and they are not vehicles of truth or salvation. This has resulted in much unnecessary and sad abuse of sincere devotees. It has even turned millions against religion.
Wannabees may sound very impressive and are primarily experts in crowd manipulation pretending to serve the seekers.
In fact, when we are in such crowds there is a social mob excitation that many seekers mistake for divine influence.

Oh yes, there are some truly great teachers out there in various sacred paths who may be of great value to your life. 
"   Know them by their fruits," 
take your time and don't rush in!

"  you will know them by their fruits - do men gather 
grapes from thistles, or figs from thorns; JC"
"   If it were possible they would even deceive the very elect"
These are truly "the wolves in sheep's clothing: Beware .

Jesus [who is one of the worlds many Christs] warns his followers as above, and also that;
" If they say to you that I am in the desert, go not after them," 
For many will come in my name saying " I am He",  believe them not."   JC
"   I am the way the truth and the life "no one comes to the father except through me "John 14;6
Also, you must see verse John 14;10 to understand the proper context of this.[why do most clergy avoid verse 10?]
Jesus was not implying that He was the only savoir for
all men for all time. He was in fact calling ""   closure"   for the immediate time to protect his devotees from the many false teachers who immediately appeared after his crucifixion,  and have been doing so for the last 2000 years.
They never stop!
The problem is not with new or other genuine prophets or spiritual masters, it is with so many who imagine they are in those categories, and those who seek fame and fortune at your expense. Such persons turn many against any kind of religion because of their misleading agendas. The world is swarming with such ambitious impostors who are not God-realized and not capable of showing you the way to any kind of enlightenment, salvation or imagined glory etc. For all their silvery tongues they do not know the way to Reality/God!     Talk is cheap!

A partial history/outline of closure;

The Sikhs tenth Guru also called "  Closure"   and said 
he was going to be the final Guru in their sacred lineage.

Mohammed said "there will never come on earth a new religion or prophet, this is Allah's final message."
Of course there have been more prophets since. Less than a century later there was Adi Shankara, who arose in India to upgrade the Hindu traditions known as the Sanatana Dharma.

The Bahai founder Bahaullah said on the last page of Gleanings," If any man should claim to be a prophet of God ere the expiration of one thousand years know him to be an impostor. "
This statement of " closure"   was his way of  protecting his followers from false prophets. 

However, as we can see from today's vast data sources there have been a respectable number of great prophets since Bahalluah's time, and since Mohammed's time, and since Jesus time.

Paramahansa Yogananda also called "  closure". He clearly stated more than once that " when I am gone the lessons [SRF Lessons] would be the Guru. He is the last Guru in this tradition.
 As the Chief disciple in his lineage via Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, it was Yogananda's right and privilege to make this call.
When it comes right down to the obvious, just how many times must divine souls appear and keep repeating the same principles of wisdom to help us. Yogananda's legacy covers every possible scenario of importance with complete methodology and psychology for our self-development and spiritual welfare that is so far ahead of its time it won't be outdated for many millennia.
It is presented from Him in the worlds most commonly used language, requiring a minimum of translation. [which we know always loses something]. Yet there are many copycat teachers claiming to be the real emissaries of Babaji's Kriya Yoga - it doesn't work this way!

A proper study of the reason detre for this whole SRF lineage of 6 great avatars was to set up a new spiritual dispensation for mankind before the commencement the third millennium. 
Yogananda completed this immense task  cum laud, and called closure to aid in protecting us [restless and naive devotees] from the false teachers and the fate of so many traditions past. There is far more to this than meets the eye.

For it was also a major teaching since Krishna, Jesus, Buddha and others that these saviors are ever-living Gurus even after the death of the body. Closure was often declared because most seekers and devotees have a very difficult time understanding the fact that well spoken impressive teachers who seems to be alive in living bodies are often spiritually dead.
And as much as most persons want someone to hold their hand and read them bedtime stories, the spiritually dead teacher in a live body is the worst of traps for the aspiring devotee. Truly "  Living Prophets"   continue to guide, and protect sincere, attuned, loyal devotees after their demise. So many have experienced this point.
Since Yogananda passed on in 1952 eg., there are many testimonials that show how he still works in the lives of devotees. Don't settle for a spiritually dead teacher in a live body - it is not the same thing, and you can't easily tell them apart! 

But Paramahansa Yogananda goes even farther than warning against false teachers. He also warns us not to seek answers in the lower psychic realms. He said, "   after I am gone many persons [psychics] will say they are getting messages from me."
"   Do not listen to them, it doesn't even work that way."   pp
Those lower spiritual realms do not contain persons or wisdom sought by the sincere devotee.
Yet it never stops, there are false teachers out there distinctly claiming to be the only living representatives of Yogananda's or Babaji's Kriya yoga teachings.
They are claiming to be actual Gurus, falsely contradicting
the words and clear intent of the very master they claim to be representing. If you examine their lives carefully, the record becomes clear that in this lifetime they never were or will be qualified for any kind of guruship.
They may woo thousands, but when all is said and done they are full of hot air, using the names of the great ones to further their own small ambitions. Read your history, read the Autobiography again, because if you need a dead guru in a live body to support your faith, you still don't know what is really in that sacred book! and you are not really connected with Yogananda and his divine spiritual lineage.

Paramahansa Yogananda's writings published by Self-Realization Fellowship are reliable and full of His spiritual presence - so say thousands of readers, devotees, seekers of other paths.
The SRF publishing has a system of verifyers set up by Yogananda himself to testify to the authenticity of Yogananda's teachings sent out by SRF. These persons, unlike others who left after a few years, were completely loyal to the Master and fully understood his teachings. Most of all - they carried on with his final vision for Yogananda's work with great integrity and clarity. So far, all presidents of Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS have been/are divinely realized beings.
A great deal of misinformation has been posted on the net and in some books by persons with dark motives who would harm Yogananda's work.
One example is a claim that Kriyananda JDW was denigrated by SRF, this is false! the truth is is that JDW has done all this damage to his reputation with his own admissions and writings both in his books and in the courts. He talked too much! Actually, SRF has been respectfully quiet about him.

Part 2;

The Great Misunderstanding of "  Prophetic Closure"

The gross misunderstanding of  "   Prophetic Closure"   
throughout the history of some religions has led to untold hatred, violence, wars, and unspeakable evils in the name of religion. Some cultures and groups clearly used this exclusivity claim of imagined superiority to start all kinds of violence, including the violence of mass conversions to their own small ways. This problem arises specifically in many religions originating in the Middle East.

  When any one, or a number of religious groups, espouses the carelessly arrogant claim of being some god's "only truth" [which all Middle Eastern sourced religions do,]
there cannot ever be any peace on this  space ball of earth
Then on top of this is the endless number of sects of these major groups also all claiming they are the uniquely true interpreters of some founders only truth. 
  Drop it! Your interpretations may be wrong, 10 years from now you wont even believe them yourself, what then? 
On the naive popularity of your ideas within your own group
immediately hints at your erroneous claims!
This is one of the darkest cognitive functions of the blind ego.

When you hear of 10 runners claiming they all came in first place in the same race, it becomes clear that not one of them knows what they are talking about. Is this you?
Why add all of this religious angst to the worlds political and economic excuses for conflict and deceit. 
True religion, should instead be showing mankind the way out of conflict, the way to peace, the way to mutual understanding, tolerance and respect.
You are all going to have to change your whole approach!

Such was the demonstration of the life of Mahatma Ghandi.

Therefore, those seemingly " exclusivist"   comments were
really on  " Prophetic closure", and were not to imply "one way tunnel vision trip." Those statements were not to be a licence to convert millions of others to your own shade of ignorance that you mistakenly call "God's only truth." 
Pluralism is the course of truth, peace, and sanity.
This direction is supported clearly
 by the worlds history and the wisdom of the Vedas and great Avatars.
Those who took control of most great religious movements
in the Middle East and Europe over the last five thousand years have used this misunderstanding as a source to consolidate parochial and political power at the expense and suffering of the masses of the most noble beings of  long suffering mankind.
It has led to a blind philosophy of "exclusivism" which preaches naively that, "our way is the only true way." and "if you do not follow our way you are a lost soul" or worse "you will burn in hell forever or a while". The scare tactic era of false theology is almost over! Be Free of the matrix now!

We are however so blessed in the modern world of the 21st
century to have so much data available at our fingertips [literally].. This makes the vain, blind, and dying "one way" chant now appear the sham for what it is - a total misunderstanding of scriptures and a method set up by the "blind leading the blind."

Pluralism is winning the day not only because it is a well
proven concept from the Holy Land = India, but because spiritual history of the world proves it to be so. It is the road to world peace and brotherhood, the way for sincere persons to evolve more quickly to higher consciousness.   And even today in 2011 it is becoming the wisdom of choice of the majority of Christians. 
The teaching of exclusivism and "  one way" is just another
hold out from the great Apostasy. Are the leaders of the great churches getting the message?
Those leaders of the great hierarchies of elite churchianity are clearly loosing the battle to keep the populace in ignorance.
Some of this started in Europe in the 17th century with
courageous souls like Luther, Wycliff , Tindale, Darwin,
and others many too numerous to mention here.
But the final death knell for exclusivism really commenced
 when Westerners began to read the scriptures such as the
 " Bhagavad Gita"  and other Hindu Vedas from
the Holy Land -India. Have you read what great Americans such as Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman all say about the Bhagavad Gita?
Such newly available holy writ in English language [now available in about 100 different English translations
 and commentaries] led to some very enlightened religious movements in 19th and 20th century America.
In the 20th century these movements were followed by the arrival of Paramahansa Yogananda,  the father of yoga to the West. So powerful was his life  and legacy, his spiritual charisma, his wisdom and love  and healing, that hundreds of thousands literally flocked to his lectures and classes on the art of seeking God and Kriya Yoga meditation. And millions of lives have been spiritually changed and saved by His wisdom and grace. 
For millions of seekers, this sacred journey really began by reading Yogananda's spiritual classic, "Autobiography of a Yogi." Please see reviews at Amazon,com.

Part 3 , The quicksand of exclusivism; which way out!
How can all of this dark and erroneous theology and pride
be corrected? The " only one way"   chant is clearly harmful
to individual human progress as well as world peace. It contradicts the enlightened knowledge or human spiritual history. It has got to go before we can move forward to any kind of higher consciousness in greater numbers, salvation, or a world of harmonious, peaceful cooperation.
 Do not imagine this to be a simple task, for over the centuries these churches and mosques of Apostasy and have molded a delusive trap  of politically controlling deceit all in the name of parochial power. They have long since tried to gain the whole world while losing their souls, the very essence of existence.
With this petrified dogmatic result that has tied so many of their beliefs to that vain exclusive claim to fame that it may require a complete reworking of their fundamental belief systems to recognize that they have been travelling down a blind alley of power politics for far too long. These are the politics of the anti-Christ. I think it is time for all those misguided missionaries to come back home and convert themselves and their churches to a better version of the teachings of Christ.

 A new version that does not impose its own costly ignorance upon the rest of the religious world. It is time to stop swallowing camels and straining at gnats.
The world at this time in its history has at its disposal the wisdom of the ages to feast upon. All that is now needed is a thorough deprogramming of ideas which have not been producing the result of divine realization.
Those old slogans have not been working.
It is in this world of real tests that we should be seeing the changes in our lives, not in the promised land beyond.
Those ideas that were designed for top down power structures have failed to produce moral and caring humans must go before this can be a better world.
Is it true that old hierarchies/authorities do not have all the right answers and desperately need renewal also?
is it true that capitalism is not democracy?
is it true that there are many valid paths to salvation?
is it true that those who have truly found the way
can lead us to a better life of peace and happiness?
is it true that nothing ever produced in this world
is without flaws?
is it true that what ever is most real to a person
is that persons God?
(to be continued ...)

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