Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swami Kriyananda(JD Walters) and his timely removal from SRF in 1962.       [note; As of 1985 he was no longer a swami and used that title falsely.] In fact most of the information in the following links are by his own admissions.
It is very strange that Ananda contradicts some of what SK says about himself as they still attempt to whitewash his notorious past. See this link >>>>

This is a series of factual essays/links about how J Donald Walters committed copyright theft, fraud, and sexual abuse of his position, 
and confusion of devotees who thought they were following Yogananda's path. They wrongly imagined that SK was a channel to the divine, or to Yogananda -he never was. Essentially, he was simply a confused and misguided yogin who
had some good and some evil intentions as he was trying to work out much of his karma while dragging naive devotees with him.

Also see; http://www.anandainfo.com/services/index.htm



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