Saturday, December 04, 2010


Self-Realization Fellowship is a NRM
I would say that SRF teachings are largely derived
from Sanatana Dharma concepts and principles,
but so are most of the teachings of Jesus the Christ.
[before they largely became paganized and politicized].
    This is soo funny,- there are some writers on the
net that refer to Hindus as "pagans"- these christian
writers seem to have forgotten much of their own history.
They are now practing a largely paganized religion themselves.
Paganism has never crept into the heart of  Sanatana Dharma-[Hinduism]
 unless Sankara got rid of that possibility long ago?

Self-Realization Fellowship is not a sub sect or offshoot of any other world faith,
 it is neither occult or new age, but could have many similarities with "new thought" ideas
 as were hinted at by the Phillmores, Emmerson, Quimby, and Whitman etc....//

It is noteworthy that all those inspired persons were deeply inspired by the Bhagavad Gita [the Hindu New Testament]

 With Masters help I clearly saw this long before I knew His name                - that
Gita and TNT are the same 
teaching level exactly...

                and especially are teaching from the same level.
So when I first read words of Yogananda, I recognized 
immediately that He was "the one" 
who fully could and did restore the true meaning/teachings of Jesus as no other prophet has so fully succeeded in doing that has ever come to my attention. Both in His life and teachings.
This was more fully borne out with the launching of that amazing publication 
"The Second Coming of Christ; Resurrecting the Christ Within You." 
from Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers, LA USA. in 2004.
Yogananda truly fulfilled his Guru's mandate to "do it all as no one has ever done it before."pp
It is wonderful that after all these millennia, the real innovations in spirituality are still flowing from the Holy Land - India!

Where Jesus spent almost half of his life, and repaid the visit of the three magi that came to honor His unique birth.
On the completion of this momentous work, Yogananda said;"a new scripture is born", and I give all the credit for this to the Great Masters[in His lineage]. It may safely be said that PY's commentaries on the Gita and the NT are the official scriptures of  SRF/YSS and may be of great value to seekers/students of comparative religion and spiritual science.
  SRF has emerged as an entirely new light in the world of religion/spirituality. Without creating another "ism", and without identifying with the older sacred traditions as an off shoot. The Master has succeeded in showing us the richest essence of that sacred nectar that is the hidden treasure of all great faiths.
All that the SRF Masters gave us is a rather unique all encompassing undogmatic presentation, and received its ultimate clarification and simplicity and balance via the spirit and pure superconsciousness of Paramahansa Yogananda.
 SRF is essentially a "non-sectarian NRM which is introducing to the world a complete system of the Science of Spirituality at the highest level of awareness and wisdom traditions of all great mystics.