Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Who Teaches the
True Kriya Yoga?

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Some information sources and would be teachers are claiming that they will give you the "real", or the "original", or the "complete" Kriya yoga teachings. This is seldom never true. The religious world is full of people whose egos have their own wild agendas!

They say
there are elements missing from Yoganandas methods of this important practice. Some will also tell you that without their methods your kriya from other sources
won't work properly. They are not qualified to make such a judgment, they have not dedicated a lifetime of practice to SRF Kriya Yoga.

On this issue it is extremely difficult to make a true comparison.
Most professed claims are
made to gain devotees and fame.

First of all, not one of these persons actually witnessed Lahiri Mahasaya receiving the first kriyas from Mahavatar Babaji
in 1861. [this Person is not likely the Babji touted by some present teachers who like to claim His name as their authority to redo everyone elses work in this field!]
Claims by such persons that this same Babaji came to them to duplicate some great mission sound very dubious at best.

Just think of how
many have claimed that angels gave them
the authority to save the world - no witnesses!
It is said that LM reduced its complex forms to the basics really needed by devotees.

In 1893 Lahiri Mahasaya made a prophecy to Yoganadas mother saying,
"Little mother, thy son will be a Yogi. As a
spiritual engine he will carry many souls to
God's kingdom."(page 17, Autobiography of a Yogi).
This was more than a prophecy, this was the statement that was to become fact with the power of such a great Yogi, Lahiri Mahasaya was actually making a statement of permission for Paramahansa Yoganandas great spiritual dispensation that was to take place in the future.
LM then passed Kriya on to his successors, including one SriYukteswar of Puri India.
His only chief disciple, Paramahansa Yogananda, was officially authorized to spread said Kriya to the world. This is the true lineage succession and plan.
LM also asked his other disciples not creat any organizations. That is - not to do the work meant for Yoganandas future.

Claims to the contrary are questionable for a number of reasons and may be false.
One should keep in mind that these were all great persons who knew what they were doing by training and sending
Yogananda to spread Kriya Yoga to the world.
He did a remarkably great job.

Half way through His work in America Yoganandas peers honored Him with India's top spiritual title -"Paramahansa."
This title is above "Swami" and they are not used together.

Devotees should be wary of those who
literally set themselves up as successor
paths/gurus in the lineage of Yogananda
and other Kriya masters. Yogananda
Himself called closure on all those who
would claim to be gurus directly
downline from Himself in this lineage.

Just launching this spiritual dispensation
in the worlds most popular language in
itself was part of this grand plan. And PY
quickly developed a superb mastery of
the English language soon after arriving in
America. Particularly shown in His poetry.
Yoganandas success in this global mission
was due to far more than his great spiritual
charisma, as many would suggest.
He was very balanced, flexible and original
as shown by his history. Next to his great
spiritual realization, healing powers & wisdom,
skill and genius as a teacher were quite
outstanding. Thus are we the benefactors
of such an original, complete, and lucid legacy.
He was also a morally pure person of sterling
character. His word was His bond.

There have been a few persons who have
actually spent their time and resources to
see if there was any great differences in the
Kriya being taught by various teachers here
and abroad. From what I can read - their
efforts did not really resolve this question
of "whos kriya is best, or even so different."
Some Kriya systems are mostly composed of
Hatha Yoga postures & mudras, stuff available
just about anywhere else these days.
They also missed a very powerful ingredient
for success in the spiritual life & kriya yoga
practice - attunement & loyalty to the Guru.
This quality in a devotees life is extremely
essential to ones progress. Yet, a number of
serious devotees will wander away from the
path at times. Not because this path lacks any

true essentials, but mainly because those
devotees are not fully listening and may be
a bit impatient with their expectations.
There is also that longing to be near a group
and a physical teacher. But of what benefit
will this be if it is a lesser teacher. A difference
that is beyond most devotees to determine.

Paramahansa Yogananda created a unique
isometric exercise system in 1916, which
is based upon yoga principles of stretching,
relaxing and energy control. No equipment
is necessary and they can be done anywhere.
It was partly by the use of these energization
exercises that Yogananda was able to save
the life of His younger brother Bishnu Gosh.
This man became one of the worlds foremost
fitness experts & left 500 Hatha Yoga centers.

One can do EE or Hatha yoga, but EE are very
well suited to and connected directly with the
successful practice of SRF Kriya Yoga.
The EE are just a small part of the spiritual
innovations Yogananda gave to the world.

One thing is certain! By doing some research you
will discover that what Yogananda teaches
has resulted in a considerable number of great
souls [particularly those who remained at SRF]
to carry on His work as the main source of His
teaching, the Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS.
Study the results of the Masters work and
you will see that He left a remarkable system
to work with. Of course the final test will be
revealed in your own practice!

Yogananda had the ability to actually see the
movements of energy currents in and around
the Human body, as well as follow the results
of his teachings in the lives of many devotees.
On this basis his teachings are very reliable
and safe to practice. His revelations were not
based upon any intellectual guesswork.

Yoganandas own pure life is a major
testimony of the radiance of a liberated
yogi/prophet. In His life we can see the
wonderful results of a way of practice and
understanding using the Kriya Yoga as
taught in the SRF Lessons.
Many of those others who make confusing
claims may be walking and talking - but
they are not necessarily "Living Masters".
A level of achievement that most devotees
would not be able to discern anyhow.
A living master[not physically in body]
is an absolute need to really progress in life's
most challenging spiritual/mystical quest.
In all spiritual traditions we can find
different levels of teachings. This is a natural
development in all NRM s. It is up to
the seeker to research these matters
& choose what will do the best for him/her.

There are many special advantages to
working with a living master [not in body].
One can study such a life all made clear
through past history, he is what he is.