Friday, April 04, 2008

KRIYA YOGA TODAY: Comments on the way to Find Realization

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Some persons have attempted to separate
the divine Guru Paramahansa Yogananda
from his only church (the SRF/YSS).
From my experience/study there is no difference.

They are clearly one and the same in
purpose, and understanding, & teachings.
The SRF leadership has been impeccable
from its very beginning to the present day.

Paramahansa Yogananda is the
Self-Realization Fellowship,
& SRF is Yogananda.

If you have any doubt about this you should reread more carefully what you thought you already read, or read more of what the good Master taught/said. As you may have seriously missed His many declarations to this effect scattered a hundred places throughout His work. He made this matter very clear.
If you are averse to organizations per se, so was Yogananda, but you may have noticed how many yogis/teachers are all creating their own organizations since Yoganandas time.
PY is a creative and innovative prophet, first in many wonderful ways. He will introduce Himself to you when you are ready for the personal guidance of a "living master."

When taking Kriya Yoga initiation from SRF, you will receive many levels of kriya techniques, all the personal counselling you need, and the blessings and grace which come to a sincere and loyal devotee directly from Yogananda. Do not doubt!
There may be many other forces out there who would meanly compete with SRF, and like virus creators are attempting to distract seekers from Yoganandas work in helping you.

The only way to really know this - now that you have found your true path give it a long serious try.
Commitment is rewarding in any serious endeavor! Commitment breeds loyalty and attunement.
I assure you that if you understand and follow these sacred teachings of Self-Realization Fellowship, you will make very great progress in all areas of your life, and in the relationships of all whom you should encounter.

Peacefulness will replace stress,
You will be calmly active and actively calm
Faith will replace your Doubt,
Calmness will replace Restlessness ,
Wisdom will replace your Ignorance
Weakness of purpose will be replaced by clear goals,
Intellectuality will give way to intuitive discrimination,
Hatred will be replaced by love.
Prejudice will be replaced by Understanding.
You will feel yourself as a more intimate part of existence
as your sense of isolation and hopelessness fades.
You will develop a deeper empathy and compassion for all life.
You will feel stronger when meeting lifes challenges.
I am grateful to be a member of this wonderful global community of SRF souls moving freely on our Sadhana....A new major faith (NRM)brought to the world from the East.
What did Paramahansa Yogananda teach?
"If you contact God within yourself, you will know that he is in everyone and that he has become the children of all races and of all religions, then you can not be an enemy to anyone. If the whole world could love with that universal love, there would be no need for men to arm themselves against one another. By our own Christ-like example we must bring unity among all religions, all nations, all races.
"From Journey to Self-Realization by PY SRF publishers, LA USA 

This quote from the wisdom of Paramahansa Yogananda fully sets out one of the major elements of His revelations. One of the early temples built by Self-Realization Fellowship was called "the Church of all Religions". The Masters teachings are primarily non-sectarian, and the members of SRF are also affiliated with many other faiths around the world.
When Yogananda speaks about the Unity of religions, He uses this term as one of association rather than in the context of conversation. Other religions using the same term are saying there will be unity of religion when everyone else converts to their system, their group under their banner. They eventually seek dominance and political control in larger numbers.
He instead tells us that one of the greatest lessons for all persons to learn is how to get along with each other. Not by changing others as missionaries are dedicated to doing, but by changing yourself to create a more compassionate and peaceful world.
What does Yogananda
say about "God." ***
There's that G word again, the one whose name so many seem reticent about speaking these days.
It may simplify your concept if you just think of God as the "Reality", as compared to the evidence of your senses which is just relativity. Mostly space that looks like matter due to a myopic normal consciousness most of us have. Whatever is real behind all this material facade - "That" Reality is the ultimate God.
"God can be personal or impersonal"[as above] said the Master.
We exist as an inseparable part of that Reality, God can be personalized. Practicing this can change your life!
"Known by many names, he is ever one and the same" - it says somewhere in Hindu holy writ.
So, if you are not afraid to use the word "God," we can dispense with the immaturity of pretending to be politically correct on this page! The walking on eggs of small minds.