Friday, September 17, 2010

Daya Mata On Self-Realization

"You cannot reason your way into Self-Realization.
You cannot think your way into God-realization.
You can arrive at those exalted states only by using
the concentrated mind in meditation, going beyond
the intellect to perceive through the power of the
soul’s sixth sense.
“ The freedom and joy and wisdom, the under-
standing, the love ---
everything that your heart has ever craved—
is waiting for you in God.”

Sri Daya Mata.” from her talk on -
"   Exploring the inner world of the Spirit."

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This is an accurate and inspiring news article about a very spiritually advanced young girl who knew what she was looking for. One who so greatly mastered divine realization in this very life that she deservedly became
 the first woman Elected to lead a world wide NRM.

Reminds me about what Jesus once said; “pp When one finds that great treasure he goes and sells all that he has and buys that treasure” Paraphrased....

For Faye Wright [ Daya Mata] the Self-Realization Fellowship provided all She ever needed to take her to Reality[God]. There with Paramahansa Yogananda’s divine guidance she found the ideal teacher/mentor/living prophet, with whom she was able to serve humanity best and find her truth. I met her in person a few times and this is my view! She was a great saint in every regard. She therein served us all as her great family, and left us all with the most inspiring example of what a true, wise, and humble devotee is like.
In Her leadership of SRF/YSS over that 55 years, she managed
to bring great honor, respect, love and success to Yogananda’s Great Legacy.
Daya Mata’s Savior Paramahansa Yogananda is a living prophet
 and she believed in the truth revealed through Him.

One does not become a living prophet by appointment and position only, but by the divinity and character of ones stature. Conscious oneness with the One Reality. Rare indeed is the person who reaches this state.