Monday, May 12, 2008

What is Truth
by Yogananda

In the simplest terms, Yog ananda says;
"Truth is exact correspondence with Reality."

“Truth is a very ambiguous word;
it is a difficult concept to explain.
Everyone has convictions they swear to as truth.
But among countless differing ideas,

what is really true?

Truth is relative and truth is absolute.
It passes through many evolutions in the relative
stages before it reaches the absolute.
For example, two people are discussing a
venture. One makes a proposal that
is sure to bring
success, and the other person
makes a counter
proposal that accomplishes
the same goal but has
additional advantages.
But then a third person

comes long and has an even better idea.
Each method was “true” in its own right,

but in a relative sense.

In the absolute sense, anything that contradicts true

happiness is untruth, and that which gives
permanent happiness is truth. Permanent happiness
refers not to the temporary thrill that
comes with material success and pleasure, but in

the joy found in the soul’s attunement with God.
By this standard you can judge any action you

perform as to its projected end result-whether or
not that action will promote lasting happiness.”

From “Journey to Self-Realization, pp 107

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