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A Major Event in World Spiritual History.

A Major Event in World Spiritual History....

For the most authoritative site-source
representing the sacred global mission of Paramahansa Yogananda, and Kriya Yoga meditation Lessons please visit;

Mother Center of the Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS centers & meditation groups created by Yogananda to disseminate and direct his spiritual work.To which He bequeathed all publishing/editing rights to his writings.

The Guru disciple Relationship, and our Wisdom, Inspiration and Grace from the East.

Paramahansa Yogananda was/is a true representative of a line of great Kriya Yogis from India.

"As a bright light shining in the midst of darkness, so was Yogananda's presence in this world. Such a great soul comes on earth only rarely, when there is a real need among men."

This declaration by His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi, the Sankaracharya of Kanchipuram [now deceased].

Yogananda's acclaimed work"Autobiography of a Yogi’[with the orange cover] has enriched the lives of millions over the globe. Other books by Paramahansa Yogananda as follows are ;
Whispers from eternity,
The Second Coming of Christ, The Yoga of Jesus, Man's Eternal Quest,
God talks with Arjuna [Gita], The Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita, journey to Self-Realization, The Divine Romance, Where there is Light,
The Science of Religion etc.,
Also read "Only love" and "Finding the Joy Within You" by Daya Mata.

Any of these works will help the spiritual truth seeker gain deeper insights into this great modern Masters revelations for this third millennia and the NRM of Self-Realization Fellowship /YSS that He founded for the benefit of all humanity.
Readers and devotees should be made aware that these complete editions, and the more recent works from Self-Realization Fellowship publishers, contain changes and many authorized improvements by the author and editors in chief trained and appointed by Yogananda to edit and Publish his works. These are publications that are approved by a council of Yoganandas loyal direct disciples that are in tune with the masters wishes for His spiritual work. Which means that the accuracy and fidelity of their publication to truly show the teachings of Yogananda are of the highest order.

Yet, althoug all organizations will have their challenges from various directions, SRF has handled these challenges with courage and compassion and on average with very good judgement.

From extensive research and experience in this area I believe SRF has faithfully followed his instructions and final teachings in all their publications of His sacred writings. Many still feel the Masters living presence in all these publications - a testimony to their authenticity and the wisdom guided attunement of His loyal SRF editors/publishers.
Yoganandas teachinng is all about enlightenment, pluralism, and the spiritual life from the mystical non-sectarian approach. About a Kriya Yoga reemphasized and clarified by Yoganandas sacred lineage of divine Masters[saviors]
It is about the transferring of our egos attention Matter to Spirit through the science of Kriya Yoga meditation from outer limiting forms to the inner Reality and realizations of our real Self - our real nature.

It is about expanding our innate consciousness from this body and its sense of isolation to our native omnipresence, Christ consciousness , where we know the oneness of all life with deep compassionate awareness.
It is about self-effort plus grace, & the blessed assistance of those who have reached self-realization and know what it is.
It is the state and purpose of the Avatar [divine manifestation] to show us the way. By one who knows the way.
This great world teacher, a divine prophet, encourages the individual to approach religion with a questioning mind, with discipline and devotion, to test its claims from personal experience.
Using meditation, devotion, and Kriya methods to get results, and to take responsibility for making all decisions with good judgment that will enhance life for all of us, the loyal and persistent devotee makes great gains in personal/spiritual growth.
Yogananda, with clarity and the touch of a master teacher, explains the reason and methodology of how to know and communicate with God - the ultimate reality of our own being. How to fulfill lifes deepest needs and purposes with joy and personal growth . He has left us everything we need to know to live a better life in harmony with our fellow persons, and bring peace to this world. More than this - he is ever available as a "Living Master" to guide those who are truly in tune with Him.

Over the last century, this Masters teachings and life example have been a major force contributing to elevating humanitys consciousness in spiritual understanding and tolerance.
In this Master’s writings we find a way to loose those prejudices which are dividing the human race, a way that can have us work together without all following only one sectarian religion, a way that can enhance our inherited or chosen Path and reveal That Inner Reality through direct personal experience. Yogananda, known as the "father of Yoga in America," was a true pioneer of the evolution of modern spiritual trends and more tolerant understandings.
If you are associated with a faith that says there is only one way or one prophet to fulfill the spiritual life for all of humanity, or claims to possess some Gods only truth, know that interpretation to be far from the truth. God does not deal in monopolies. If your way boasts about being the greatest because it is the latest – it may not always appear to be so. If you have not read about the beauty and wisdom of other paths, if you are still seeing things in popular ways, it will be a while before you truly understand your own. But when you are sure you have found your path - it is only then one pointed,loyal dedication is needed. It is now your great duty to convert/transform yourself to that which you claim to believe in!
This requires the deprogramming of our aquired ignorance which is normally passed on to us by our religion and our culture, an introspective self-help process which will give us a new life and more positive direction eventually leading to Self-Realization. But it requires the aid of a realized teacher, especially one who is no longer in the body. Thus the value of the Master-Disciple relationship.

Like any other teacher/pupil interchange, the student must be attentive, sincere, and humble for any serious progress to be gained. This creates and attunement that maximizes grace and inspiration.

There is a quiet revolution taking place in the world of religion and philosophy, the information age make it difficult for "one way people" to shrug off everyone else as heathens and damned. But even before the world of IT bloomed great ones like Yogananda[and especially PY] was sharing the most advanced and deeper teachings of world scripture. There are a number of great spiritual beings that have shown us this new way during the last century, and it is surely and steadily changing the concepts of global thinking about the meaning and purpose of life. About the value of other spiritual paths, about the rights of others and who we really are. The time for exclusive claims and slogans is now leaving the world.

Was He a new prophet?......An Avatar and world teacher?.............a saint?........a liberated Yogi?.........the crest of a wisdom lineage? example of accelerated human evolution?............and innovator in education and a healer?
The record is there, and it won't become clear from a quick reading.
He was at least all of the above.
Because His work and revelation took place in such modern circumstances, we are left with one of the most remarkably detailed records of the Divine Incarnation/Avatar.
 And yet, there always appears to be some vague non-existent contradictions being promoted/created by the disenchanted, the antagonists, the competitors, and even by some of those who fear His great work is endangering the existence of their most sacred chant. Their hidebound programming by those who do not know what they teach. As they continue to chant to the weary world -"Our way is the only true way."

Many religionists have chanted that refrain in vain for so long, while the rest of the globe just keep producing more great souls from all spiritual paths, and all walks of life. They all maintain their full time intellectual apologists who work on the premis that "we can still prove the earth is flat." They may be skilled at their trade, but what good is skill without realizations wisdom. No matter how honed your arguements,"the moon is still not in the pond." And much of the world is still travelling to India to seek the real meanings of life and death.

India comes to America...........

Against such narrowness, Yogananda showed us a better way, especially by the evidence of His own life, a life that was fully absorbed and one with the reality of life at all levels. An example of the utmost moral purity, and boundless compassion for all of suffering humanity. He left us the most detailed road map out of this mess that I have ever seen. Not the only way, but a way without cult or fear or a holier than thou attitude.
He clearly taught us how to dissect what was true and what was innacurate in all the writings - sacred or otherwise- of the world scriptures. I one takes the method of His commentary and intuitively applies this way to all the one reads, the truth or err of it will become evident.
Above all, He showed us the way to change ourselves from the inside out.
That introspective challenge that is the fear of most conservative persons, especially those persons who are still shouting -"our way is the only way."
Is their narrow approach the spawning ground of dangerous empire builders and the cruellest of dictators who use the name of their god to enslave all others to spread the thier own dark ideas? Is this the chant of the misguided missionary who would have the world completely change because like so many of us, he/she fears total self-change, the only true road to salvation?

Sample quote; from page 234 of “Man’s Eternal Quest”
by Paramahansa Yogananda… © Self-realization Fellowship publishers, LA USA 1992.
“Every saint who has come on earth has contributed toward the fulfillment of God’s desire for the spiritual upliftment of His human children. The great ones come with two purposes; to inspire and enlighten a certain number or a large mass of people; and to train real disciples, those who pattern their lives after the master’s. The latter are the members of the Masters true “family”, constituting an inner group in whom he plants His spiritual life. ………
The most difficult task for every God-ordained spiritual teacher is to produce others like himself………… tries to enable many devotees to commune with God.” Paramahansa Yogananda.

Also; In the "Second Coming of Christ" scripture by the same author, He adds;"True Devotees do not follow a stranger - a so-called teacher sent by God. They will avoid self-elected spiritual guides, feeling no attunement with those who are lacking in divine realization and appointment by God............true devotees are not attracted to false teachers - no matter how popular they may be. ..........When a devotee prays intensely to God to know truth, God sends him a true Guru to Guide him." Pages 1014-1015. (c) SRF LA USA.

Namaste , PYisLOVE

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