Saturday, March 03, 2007

In Remembrance of a Great Soul

Celebrating March 7, 2007, the anniversary of the Mahasamadhi [passing] of Paramahansa Yogananda from the bodily form.

This is another sacred day for Self-Realiztion Fellowship devotees;

This great Avatar/prophet/Yogi, the founder of SRF and author of several outstanding spiritual classics [written in the 20th century] prophecied that "I will die speaking of God with my boots on".

And that is exactly how it happened, concluding a speech at the Biltmore hotel in Los Angeles March 7, 1952.

The Master had worked tirelessly for many years to serve devotees and all humanity in so many ways, and with His part of his His global mission fully set in motion, He humbly left the material form.

Many, many witnesses testify that He still works and guides them from finer dimensions of this universe as the work He founded continues to save and bless the lives of millions of souls everywhere in this great planet.

Read about His ideas and works in "Autobiography of a Yogi, Man's Eternal Quest, The Second Coming of Christ, God Talks with Arjuna ,"
Whispers from Eternity, The Divine Romance, The Science of Religion,
Wine of the Mystic, Journey to Self-Realization - and other classic spiritual publications from His church - Self-Realization Fellowship.

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