Thursday, November 30, 2006

False Prophets and False teachers

Paramahansa Yogananda on
False Prophets/False Teachers.
"One may argue that a beautiful lotus may be plucked from a murky pond, or that one may savor sweetmeats prepared by a person who himself subsists poorly on bowls of rice; or that one may even glean some profit by reading a good book written by an evil man.
But it is an ineluctable truth that in spiritual matters , for ultimatate realization and God-union, the shepherding of a false prophet" will not do.
The devotee needs to follow the path of a God-knowing person, chosen for him by God.
A false prophet can never be a God-ordained guru, no matter how artfully he presumes such title. A false prophet is one who knows at heart his hypocrisy and moral weakness and yet professes gooodness to attract and hold people who will follow him blindliy for his own ends- financial and for gratification of the ego.
A true guru will not bring any such evil misguidance to his followers."

from page 551, The Second Coming of Christ;;;;;;
(c) SRF Publishers LA USA 2004

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