Thursday, November 09, 2006

Self-Realization today

Paramahansa Yogananda on
"Spiritual teachers/preachers & Gurus"

"In India we seek spiritual guidance from those should who know God.
We do not follow just anybody.
"the blind cannot lead the blind."
Would you make an important purchase from a slesman who misrepresents product because he does not understand what he sells?

A teacher without God-realization is merely a spiritual victrola that may grind out a sermon, but doesn't know what it is all a

"It is the greatest farce to pose as a spiritual representative unless you are making a sincere effort to commune with God and realize the truths you preach."
  by Yogananda

From Self-realization magazine , fall 2006 ,(c) Self-realization publishers LA USA

Commentary ; Too many devotees and seekers chase after too many unqualified teachers
(false gurus)without understanding how to recognize a true Self-realized soul. Do your homework and carefully research the life of one whom you would follow. One who has lived that perfect life and who does not seek fame.

True Guru does not need to be physically present to be a living Guru. False teachers are dead men walking!
He needs to know Reality and he must be a "living master". Not one in phyical form only - but one who is living in divine omnipresence whether in or out of corporeal form.
 The last place to start is attending a big goup with many other devotees, as the crowd charisma generated by the group will distract the seekers judgement as to the true nature and spirituality of the leader.   x pyislove

Although attending quiet group meditation sessions seem to work out for some people, being alone and taking the time to read & think
about same leader, one can make more objective descisions about what is happening in ones spiritual life.
One should clearly know what one is looking for, are you seeking a community, a mate , or a relationship with God. fp

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