Saturday, October 28, 2006

Self-Realization today

Who can really know who the real messiah of this age is - was - or will be.
There may even be more than one.

His name is Paramahansa Yogananda...
the future will more and moresupport this.
Many can still hope and make the pretext
of being able to prophesy.
They have their reasons.

So many devotees of many of the worlds Gurus like to think that their Guru Is the avatar of this age - or a messiah. But the missions of teachers is varied and different. Many are the higher paths in this world.
Yet the life and legacy of Paramahansa Yogananda would be most difficult to match or exceed. Or who could surpass a number of masters/saviors of the SRF path. Any one of many who could be acclaimed a true messiah.
But It is in particualar Paramahansa Yogananda's wisdom that has been reshaping the worlds view of religion and spirituality for almost a full century soon.

Even almost a century after His noble birth - his work is still far ahead of our times. In the fields of spiritual understanding, healing, science, psychology etc. Read his books and you will be very inspired by his wisdom & perhaps even see and feel His living presence.
I will soon publish some testimonials about this great soul.

Of course many others are also contributing their part to this grand global spiritual movement. A noble transformation that is dissolving exclusivism and prejudices.
It is just the sheer scale, completeness, originality, of His ideas and ideals, and the greateness of his unique life of service to humanity for all of us that makes Yogananda so outstanding.

Namaste ...pyislove

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